Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are students tested?

Testing is a daily and individual endeavor. This means one must work every day to overcome personal struggles internally and externally.

Q: How are ranks awarded?

Formal ranking is evaluated every 4-6 months. The instructor will recommend the student to test based on total hours accumulated and, most importantly, the student's personal efforts in daily training. Naturally, one must begin to show a good understanding of the technical requirements for the rank.

Q: How long does it take to receive a black belt?

Every individual is unique. None is measured against someone else. All ranks are based on how far the student has journeyed and improved over the years.

Q: How big are the classes?

Aikido of Manhattan offers four classes per day. Because of the number of classes offered, class size is on the average twelve to forteen students. In each class there is always senior students to help new members.

Q: Why do we bow?

According to the founder, "Budo begins and ends with respect."

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