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Much of an Aikido class consists of safely rolling out of a directional throw or an appendage lock. These rolls are called Ukemi, and are so important to the Aikido, they are practiced for several minutes at the beginning of each class.

Class Practice
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This video takes you through a typical class. The instructor will demonstrate a technique, and the students will then pair off for practice. Because Aikido is fairly dangerous, senior students are often paired with junior ones to teach correct techniques and safety.

Weapons: Learning the Jo
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Aikido students spend a lot of time working with the Jo. This spot will give you a good understanding of what a typical jo weapons class is like.

Demonstration: Tachi-waza
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Enjoy this demonstration of Tachi-waza, or, Aikido executed from the standing position.

Demonstration: Suwari-waza and Hamni-handachi
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This spot demonstrates both Suwari-waza, or, Aikido executed by a kneeling person while the opponent is standing, and Hamni-handachi, where both the opponent and the person practicing the technique are kneeling.

Demonstration: Tanto
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Watch as the instructor demonstrates several techniques for removing knives from would be attackers.
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